Saturday, April 10, 2010

Marine Aquarium Expo (MAX Show)

Woot! MAX show 2010, waited all year for this event.  Last year's MAX event 2009 was pretty cool, bigger crowds, and a lot more vendors that I didn't see this year.  Sadly I was disappointed.  As you can see from the pics below, the place was pretty empty and not as many frag and fish selling vendors as I had hoped for.

I did get a chance to meet Jim Stime again on Youtube's reality show LA Fishguys. And, Mark with and his new website, Spoke with Rod at Rod's Food briefly about his Onyx clowns and how he's too busy to breed anymore.  The last batch of onyx clowns he had, he sold them all to Premium Aquatics.  If he does plan to breed again, it won't be for another 6-7 months.  Talked to the guys at Neptune System and Digital Aquatics on the Aquacontrollers and Reefkeepers, the reps for the Neptune Aquacontrollers were a bit "newbish", they just kept reciting their features list to me. I'll definitely be getting the Reefkeeper Lite. The gift bags were the same as last years, a lot of reading material.  I did manage to get a lot more samples this year though, including Rod's Food Original Blend frozen block that I'm pretty happy to get.. It'll definitely last me awhile.

One thing I would like to note, the reps at Sunlight Supply booth were pretty rude, unhelpful, and unorganized.  The guy at the Eshopps booth was pretty pushy and got rude since I didn't buy their frag racks.  Overall it was a pretty fun day talking to all aquarium enthusiasts and about their products.. I hope 2011's MAX will be better.