Friday, March 18, 2011

DIY Lamp Tree

For less than $10, you can make your very own lamp tree to hang your light fixture. I used 1/2" electrical conduit that I bent in-store at my local Home Depot. I used the pipe bender in the same aisle where the conduit is sold. In less than a few minutes, I had two perfect 90 degree bends.

The only difficulty I had was finding end caps that would fit the 1/2" conduit. Both Home Depot and Lowes only carried them in 3/4" or larger. I ended up finding them at Ganahl's Lumber in Costa Mesa, CA, where they are sold as leg tips for chairs or tables.

I had originally planned to spray paint them black. I ended up going with white so they would blend in with the walls. I didn't take any pictures cutting and sizing the two conduits, but I used a standard hacksaw and a bit of elbow grease to cut them to size.
My ATI fixture was missing its top mounting hardware that screws into the threaded hardware shown in the photo. I had to come up with a clever way to hang my lights. I drilled a small hole in my lamp tree and threaded the cable through leaving the threaded hardware as my anchor.
Four mounting hooks were used for each conduit. Two at the top and two on the bottom.
The finished product
The lamp tree is over 7 feet tall. My aquarium stand is 41 inches tall which is perfect for viewing the tank while standing.