Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 1: Bringing Sexy Back

Day 1 of Rem's Reef 75g 36x24x20 Lee-Mar Starphire Tank
Tank is now live! Everything went according to plan. Aquascape was designed several weeks ago, and I used zip ties to mark the placement of each rock. It took me two days to make RO/DI water which I dumped 5 gallons into the tank at a time. I mixed the salt in the display tank with Instant Ocean Reef Crystals where I will keep my salinity at 1.022 until my cycle is complete. The system is running without any leaks and the noise level is very minimal.

A couple things about the new tank: 
  • No sand, ever. Barebottom only. Because its sexy.
  • No refugium with macroalgaes, ever. Because its nasty. (Detritus trap if not maintained) 
  • No crabs, snails only. Because crabs are contagious. (aka snail terminators)
  • No frag plugs, ever. Because their unsightly.
  • No hitchhikers, ever. Dip and quarantine everything. Because its better to be safe than sorry. =)
I will be taking my time with this tank, documenting everything that I add and/or change. Stay tuned for more updates.