Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year! 2013 Updates!

Happy New Year! Welcome back folks for some exciting new Rem's Reef updates! My New Year's resolution is to post more so here we go! Things have been doing really well in the tank. Part of not posting updates for the past several months is that I wanted to see how my tank responded to the changes before I posted them online. Plus, I needed a short break as it was too much aquarium stuff, especially after getting home from a long days work. Weekends and free time were spent away from all the reef nerd stuff!

So what's new? A lot has taken place in Rem's Reef, but the biggest change is that I have removed all of my live rock! What is this non-sense you say? The rocks were taking up too much space in the aquarium and I wanted to go with a minimalistic look for 2013!

Besides that, what really made me put in the time and effort to redo everything is that I had a really bad aiptasia breakout. My aiptasia experience was even worse than the dreaded pulsing xenia that kept coming back, but this time the aiptasia kept coming back with more friends! I even had multiple baby aiptasia sprouting on frag plugs! I think the higher water flow rates and maybe the regular dosing allowed them to rapidly spawn in my tank. In any case, I have removed the pest and my tank has been aiptasia free since November of 2012.

How did I even get the aiptasia in the first place? I have always been careful introducing new things to the tank, but when I was given an acan to babysit, the aiptasia hitchhiked and quickly multiplied in my tank. It goes to show that careful visual inspections and dipping are not enough, no matter the size of the coral or frag. Quarantining corals is what I should have done in the first place, even it was just for a few days. The aiptasia would have expanded and I could have killed it right away.

This acan, which has been named the limited edition "JBJCAN", is now one of my most prized possession, so Jason if your reading this.. NO! you can't have it back! it's mine now!

Moving forward.. Rem's Reef is no longer bare bottom! With live rock removed, I decided to add dry sand to give the corals something to sit on. My biological filtration is now taken care of by Seachem Matrix stones which are housed in a Marine Depot GFO 3 canister reactor! I've added two pieces of Cerameco rock which has added some depth to the aquarium. Ok, enough of the jibber-jabber, I'm working on the new posts with details and pictures. Stay tuned!