Monday, January 14, 2013

New Biological Filtration for Rem's Reef!

Marine Depot Triple GFO and Carbon Filter media reactor. Pretty universal as it can be used for many applications. Since I no longer have live rock in my aquarium, I am using this reactor for my biological filtration with Seachem Matrix stones.

Seachem Matrix 2 Liters used in my aquarium. Seachem sells bio media as Matrix and Denitrate. What's the difference?  Matrix can be used for a wide variety of flow rates and is comparable to live rock. The Seachem Denitrate should only be used with very slow flow rates for anerobic bacteria to reduce nitrates.

Rinsed the stones, then soaked them for 24 hours in saltwater and Seachem Stability

The matrix comes in various shapes, colors, and sizes

I used Seachem's Stability to soak the Matrix rocks. I got the idea of soaking the bio media directly from Brightwell Aquatics as they recommend that you soak their X-Port Bio media for 24 hours in Microbacter7 prior to using them in the aquarium.

Popped off all the plastic screens and removed the paper filters since they're not needed with the Matrix stones.

Filters removed and plastics screens placed back in the caps

2 Liters of Matrix fills up all three cartridges perfectly

Powered by Cobalt Aquatics MJ900, but I could have easily gone with the next size down.

Placed the biological filter behind the sump.

Photo of the sump. Missing from the sump are my two reactors for carbon and phosphate that were being cleaned while picture was taken.