Sunday, January 27, 2013

Update: Removing the live rock and livestock

Live rock just removed and corals broken off of the rocks. Lots of detritus kicked up after removing the rock. It's mind boggling how much detritus the rock traps.

Live rock was tossed in a tub until I could get the rest of the corals, inverts, and other stuff off of the rock. I've got this rock dried up in my backyard now and hopefully it will be used again in a future tank.

Corals and livestock moved to other tubs while the tank is cleaned.

Used an entire bucket of salt for this weekends tank renovation.

With the live rock removed, I needed something the corals could sit on. I decided to go with the CaribSea Special Grade Reef Sand because the grain size. It is big enough not to cause sand storms, but fine enough for burrowers and sand shifters. I bought this sand from Marine Depot.

I just love the size, color and texture of sand. In the past I had always used sugar-sized sand, but now I prefer and recommend the Caribsea Special Grade Reef Sand.

This sand needed a lot of rinsing otherwise it will make your tank look milky and cloudy for days.

Cleaned the tank and scraped all the glass panels with a razor.  The pre-rinsed sand was added with new clean saltwater. The tank cleared up rather quickly in just a few hours. I probably would of had to wait a couple days for the dust to settle if I didn't pre-rinsed. 
More coming soon! I've got to spread it out or I'd run out of content! :D