Sunday, April 21, 2013

I'll have to eat cup o' noodles for the next couple...

I pulled the trigger and got the new AquaIllumination Vega Color LED lights! I won't bore you with unboxing photos or specifications that you can find online, but you can see below how I mounted them to my tank. I got two Vega Color fixtures, one EXT hanging kit, and three 6 inch EXT rails from my favorite one stop shop, Marine Depot.

What attracted me to the AI Vega Colors is its design, different mounting options, and its ipod looking controller. While I don't like the touch sensitive buttons on the controller, it is very easy to setup and have everything running in a short amount of time. More on my controller settings at a later time, here are some photos of the LED fixture mounted above the aquarium.

A quick Google Sketchup as I wanted to see how it would look like mounted on the tank with the exact dimensions.
Side view showing the EXT rail with hanging locking clamp and cable
AI Vega Color fixtures linked with the center 6 inch EXT rail, and one on each end for the hanging kit.
Top view of the hanging kit and EXT rail
While these Vega Colors provides a nice spread with its 80 degree optics, it doesn't blind me or the camera when looking up at the fixture.
I have these mounted about 12 inches above the tank. I prefer hanging fixtures above the aquarium as it gives me control on the light spread and it gives me plenty of clearance when working on the aquarium.
Top view of the connected AI Vega fixtures with the 6 inch EXT rail.
Frontal view of the 36 inch long aquarium with the AI Vega lights. AI sells two different hanging kits, one for EXT rails and one for without. My light hangers are mounted and positioned for my old T5HO light fixture. Since I am unable to reach the mounting hardware in the back with the aquarium filled, I decided to keep everything as it is and just buy additional rails to hang it. So without the light hangers looking funny and pushed in, I got two EXT rails and mounted the hanging kit to them so everything looks flush.
Shot of the aquarium from a distance to give some perspective of how tall everything is in the living room.
Photos taken with a camera phone. Come back soon for new exciting updates!